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Frequently Asked Questions

No, this is for security reasons. The guarantee deposit is made only by credit card.

We can wait up to two hours from the indicated time, after this time we give the service according to availability. It is worth mentioning that in high season a tolerance time of one hour is considered.

We offer the rental service of baby seats, GPS, with wi-fi. These accessories have an extra cost.

Yes, as long as we have availability at the time of delivery of the unit at the counter, you can quote according to the current rate and pay the difference if there is one.

An extra charge is possible for the following concepts: Extra hours, Missing gasoline, Extra days, Return in a different branch,Plate loss,Cleaning more than necessary,Damages,Transit taxes,Key replacement, Key repair//Decline of insurance by not respecting the terms and conditions of the contract.

It is the amount that is linked to the credit card during your rental which is a support for any additional charge. At the end of the rental it is released in case of not having additional charges